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The Product

LearnGarden Activity boxes are a monthly subscription box that provides education and fun. Boxes are catered to children in grades K-8th all created by licensed teachers. Currently the market is filled with toys that provide great creative aspect of learning. LearnGarden believes it would be even better if we added activities that follow school standards. The LearnGarden boxes were made to educate our children for a better future while promoting creativity to expand their minds. If your child has a passion or interest, LearnGarden provides a course for that interest.

If your child is interested in the brain, we have a box for that.

If your child wants to become President, we’ll have a box for that.

Our plan is to bring a broad spectrum of subjects that hone in on your child’s interests.


A Company of Entrepreneurs, Certified Teachers, Parents and Children

Our Mission

Mission StatementWe are a company devoted to helping youth achieve their dreams. Through education we want to turn their dreams into visions and their visions into reality. Through LearnGarden, children will receive a quality learning experience that is engaging and entertaining while following national curriculum standards. We provide a focused approach to various subjects in order to allow students to get a jump-start in the path of their choice and delve deep into their passions. We wish for every child to have the chance to achieve their full potential. In addition, we wish to provide orphaned and other less fortunate children with the same opportunity to achieve their dreams and full potential. 

The Idea : Our plan at LearnGarden is to enhance learning for kids from K-8 (and over). Our initial distribution of education will be through our LearnGarden Educational BoxesParents can sign up for our monthly subscription of these Educational Boxes. Each box you purchase also helps us provide the same Educational Boxes to orphanages around the nation. Not only are you helping your child jump-start his or her education, but you are helping another child in need who doesn't have a parent like you...another child who deserves the same chance to pursue their dreams through education. 


What Are LearnGarden Educational Boxes?

Our LearnGarden Boxes provide activities and fun for your children. Boxes are catered to children in grades K-8th. Our Licensed Teachers have created these boxes so they follow educational standards as well as being fun for your child.

Once we launch, the parent can choose the grade their child is in and the subject they wish to learn. Our teachers have created lesson plans and boxes for Neuroscience for 6th grade and up. The money LearnGarden is hoping to raise will help in the subject creations of Mathematics, Technology, Biology, Botany, History, Geography, and more! We will also offer boxes starting at the kindergarten stage!

Standards We Follow:



Simply Put These Boxes Are:


OUR GOAL: Global Education. One Child at a Time.


LearnGarden’s goal is to provide education for ALL children. We not only focus on the children of the parents who take the step towards higher education, but we focus on the children without parents and the schools that struggle with funding for educational tools.

LearnGarden’s Core Vision is to provide an orphaned child or underprivileged school with a LearnGarden box while also providing you with a LearnGarden box for your own child. Every single box that you buy will help us provide education boxes for orphanages and underprivileged schools across the nation. 


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Our Goal Simplified: Higher Education for the World.

Ambitious? Yes.

Possible? We’ll try our Hardest.


Why Orphanages?

  • Around the world, there is an estimated 153 million orphans who have lost one parent. There are 17,900,000 orphans who have lost both parents and are living in orphanages or on the streets and lack the care and attention required for healthy development. 

Source: UNICEF

  • Children raised in orphanages have an IQ 20 points lower than their peers in foster care, according to a meta-analysis of 75 studies (more than 3,800 children in 19 countries).


Source:  IQ of Children Growing Up in Children's Homes A Meta-Analysis on IQ Delays in Orphanages

  • Nearly 25% of youth aging out did not have a high school diploma or GED, and a mere 6% had finished a two- or four-year degree after aging out of foster care. One study shows 70% of all youth in foster care have the desire to attend college.

Source: Midwest Evaluation of the Adult Functioning of Former Foster Youth

  • States spent a mere 1.2-1.3% of available federal funds on parent recruitment and training services even though 22% of children in foster care had adoption as their goal.

Source: National Council for Adoption

  • Study reported that the nearly 15,000 orphans aging out of state-run institutions every year, 10% committed suicide, 5,000 were unemployed, 6,000 were homeless and 3,000 were in prison within three years.  


Orphaned children receive less focus and a very small amount of funds is available for their general well-being. At LearnGarden we hope to give these unfortunate children the same opportunity for an enriching and fulfilling educational experience as your children. We wish to provide the orphaned children with a chance for a brighter future through education. We believe that if we provide an interest based education, the child will grow to make smarter decisions, to pursue even higher education, to create a better future for you and your child. 

The Possibilities are Endless...  It is up to you and me to create a better world.

The LearnGarden Way:

We have ingrained in our business to GIVE from EACH and EVERY box sold. We make it easy to educate the World. 3 Steps to buy a box to provide for your child and in turn, we provide a better education for a child elsewhere. If you do not have a child, we will also have the option to buy an education box directly for a child in need.

Take A Look Inside the LearnGarden Education Box:

Your Child's Education: Upgraded

The contents of the box will vary on the subject course you choose for your child. As a demo we will show our Lesson 1 contents of NeuroBox (Neuroscience).

Who Are LearnGarden Education Boxes For?

The LearnGarden Team has created these boxes so a broad range of people may use them. A short list of those people include:

  • Children wanting some extra activities to do after school. These boxes are made to be fun for the child, yet educational so it may help them in school.
  • Parents looking for more ways to help their children learn.
  • Tutors wanting to offer a more focused, activity-based learning experience.
  • Teachers that want to supplement their lesson plans with LearnGarden activities.
  • Homeschooling children/parents to help with their education.
  • Schools that want to provide their classrooms with engaging, once-a-month activities on certain subjects.
  • People looking for a direct way to help with education for children.

LearnGarden Education Boxes Focus on Core Learning Standards


"Not only is your child having fun, they are following National school standards"

“Carefully crafted lesson plans and activities to promote optimized learning for your child”

“Doing these activities and lessons from LearnGarden box allows your child to cross learn with the school they attend.



Getting the Most from LearnGarden Educational Boxes

“The DVD teacher lesson has been created so that the parent can either watch with the child, or let the child watch on their own”

“Your child should be engaged as the lessons taught make your child keep steady notes in their journals. Parents can check up their child's progress by periodically checking their journals.”

“The DVD has been made so your child can pause and come back later. If you think your child needs more time we make it easy for them to pick right back up at a later time”

“After the initial DVD Activity, LearnGarden has included more so your child can keep learning until the arrival of the next box.”

“The LearnGarden Activities are meant to be done after the DVD viewing. If your child would rather start on the extra activities first, an instruction booklet will be included as well.”

“Each LearnGarden Activity will have a gauge of difficulty which means your child can ask for your help, or help from a sibling or partner. But we have still made the difficult ones “solo-able””

The 30 Second Sign Up

Once LearnGarden is fully launched, steps from sign up to getting the box to your door will be a breeze. 

  1. Parent Chooses Stage (Suggested Guide: Dreamer  K-2nd / Visionary 3rd-5th / Innovator 6th+)
  2. Parent and child will choose the subject course of interest (Depending on how much we raise, the subject courses may differ.)

  3. Fill out mailing info and payment info and DONE!

The LearnGarden Team will ship the boxes to you soon after, so we can get your child from having a bored afternoon to a fun learning experience!

When Will LearnGarden Be Open?

If you like the LearnGarden idea or you would like to pre-order a box for yourself, you can on the “Order/Donate” option any time.

All of this can be possible sooner if we get enough people to support LearnGarden's idea. The total we must raise for 3 subject course with 8 Lesson boxes each is around $60,000. If we reach that level, we will be able to open and we can start helping children around the Nation.

If we exceed this goal, we will introduce MORE subject course which means MORE Learning for your child!

Here is a quick timeline of when we should be able to launch: 

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Every $50 of this fund will provide a box for a child in need. Any denominations below will be pooled until we are able to provide another box. Thank you!

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